December 23, 2016: Christmas Upgrades

The non-stop elves at Tesla deliver pre-Christmas improvements.

An early Christmas present arrived over-the-air last night in the form of software update 8.0 (2.50.114). The release notes cover 3 new features:

Supercharger Amenities

While the Supercharging experience generally provides expectations that restrooms, near-by eateries, etc. are part of the norm, the amenities (and their variety) vary from location to location. This feature update provides location-specific information so you know what to expect when you arrive. The new "idle fee" costs are also noted, discouraging parking-without-charging owners from leaving their car unattended when their charging event is over.

It might also be nice if in the future this included real-time data regarding the number of in-use/available Supercharger stalls, any local electrical issues, estimated wait times based on your arrival time, etc.. A list of names of the nearby restaurants and shops would also be handy.

Automatic Driver Profiles

I've seen this requested on occasion on various Tesla forums and it's nice that they're finally implementing it. Having to tap the screen twice to get your desired seating position, etc. into place automatically is apparently OMG So Cumbersome. Linking a profile to a specific key fob adds to the automated experience of the car always prepared for you by the time you sit down. The seat position, steering wheel, mirrors, music, temperature ... everything is set up by the time you step on the brake. Perhaps one day it can cook breakfast too. Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

First world problems. Neat feature though and demonstrates the flexibility of how software changes can enhance the ownership experience, long after buying the car.

Since I'm the only one in the household that drives my Model S, I likely won't be making use of this in the near future.

Equalizer Settings

This is cool. I grew up using 15 and 31-band EQs and always wondered why Tesla out of all companies couldn't implement a user-selectable equalizer setup. The previous 3-band arrangement was pretty limiting, although most people are used to it. An "advanced" mode with a compressor, limiter, high-pass filtering, etc. would be awesome. I doubt that'll ever be forthcoming though.