July 04, 2018: Hustlin' 8s

That's 88,888 miles in less than 4 years of ownership.

Luck occasionally feels poetic. Today is July 4, 2018 and as I was driving back home during the afternoon I decided to pass by the new Fremont Tesla Delivery Center to see if I could land into the parking lot just as the odometer rolled up to the magical 88,888 miles. I had to make some last-mile runs around the general area to use up any remaining margin as I was closing in on the straight line of 8s.

Just as the tires contacted the parking lot asphalt, the odometer (in the center screen) rang up to 88,888.0 miles. In the instrument cluster itself the reading turned to those numbers several minutes prior as the center screen read 88,887.6 so apparently there's some rounding-up. I decided to go with the more truer reading.

I guess I could've ran it all the way to 88,888.8 miles for this novelty of an event.

The Delivery Center was quiet today as there didn't seem to be any employees or customers around for new-car deliveries. Perhaps given that Tesla apparently just hit their production goal of 5000 Model 3s in the quarter, everyone's been given time off for a company-wide break.

So Happy Independence Day. This car has indeed provided a sense of freedom for me over the past several years and I've never driven (or looked forward to driving) so many miles in a relatively short period of time. I'm closing in on 4 years of ownership and so far the Model S has lived up to the hype. I'll provide a more thorough ownership review when that happens.

At this rate I expect to be hitting 99,999 miles by the end of the year.