May 28, 2020: v2020.16.2.1

Small refinements on a modern car with a slow screen.

While Supercharging last night there was a notice in the phone app that a new update was ready for install. It has been a mere several weeks since I last received such a notification and getting anything new in recent years is a treat. These days I normally go for months without being offered a shiny update scrap from the mothership.

Once I rolled back in the garage, I pressed Install and walked away for the night.

The next day I stepped in the car to see:

So a bit of Toybox re-arranging, charging map search filtering, and next-generation Backgammon. These are nice, sure, but not something I'd take too much advantage of for now. I almost never dig my hands into the Toybox and have yet to look at Backgammon in the car. But any enhancement is certainly welcome and the charging list filtering is a logical touch to an already-intuitive system.

I guess there's no, "Oh, and one more thing from Elon" surprise with something like, "Your v1 Autopilot car now as a hidden Sentry Mode!" ... but yeah that's not going to happen.

Maybe once I opt for the MCU2 upgrade (whenever Tesla offers it for my car) I'd be more interested in taking advantage of the Toybox.