October 5, 2023: Wing Collision

Tis only a scratch upon my pride.

It was inevitable. After 9 years it finally happened:

I normally don't write about every tiny little scratch that happens but this one was just a bit too painful as this one simply won't "buff out." Normally my side mirrors clear the sides of the garage door frame with less than an inch to spare but I confidently maneuver through like boss. But oh no, not today - collision alert: Damage Control Teams, to your stations.

I recently began backing into my garage so when I leave home I simply drive forward and out, Bruce Wayne style. I placed strips of painter's tape on my garage floor to serve as markers so when I'm reversing in I can use the rear camera guide lines to carefully navigate through the tight opening. Autopark isn't fancy enough to handle this one.

And today I clipped one of the mirrors. Sure, I could have folded those mirrors while parking but, you know, real men back into their garage with arms wide open. Or something.

It was enough to slightly misalign the mirror and the motor behind it and I had to readjust my passenger mirror setting to accommodate. Let's zoom-in/enhance so my mistake will forever burn into memory:

Do you hear that? That's the sound of my pride leaving my soul.

Nice character lines, brah.