January 17, 2022: The Yellow Border

[ sigh ] ... incoming warning signs ahead.

Big Blue went through several version updates while I was out of town so it was time to quickly sift through what all the hype's about. As I was reading the release notes while the car was parked outside and the UI switched to Day Mode, I noticed a faint familiar outline: the infamous yellow border.

Frack. What a way to start 2022. It's just a continuation of 2021. This is a relatively-new MCU2 installed back in September 2020 when I ran into the eMMC problem everyone else was experiencing. I thought all my MCU problems were long behind me, but no of course not. How naive of me.

My imagination runs wild and I visualize Elon hovering over my shoulder pestering me to trade in for a Plaid with a verbal guarantee this sort of thing doesn't happen with the new cars. Well you know what Elon, before I even remotely entertain that idea I'm going to check if Tesla still warranties this sucker while you work on your 4680s and eventual mission to Mars. Before we become an interplanetary species I need my touchscreen fixed.

I opened the phone app, tapped Service...

...and scheduled for a service visit a few days away. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that yet another software update notice appeared. It's as if Tesla had noticed my frustration in real-time and decided to quickly throw me a bone to ease my disappointment.

Nope, nothing you do will distract me from asking Service to resolve yet another MCU issue. Those marketing talking points 8 years ago about EVs having "less moving parts" and therefore "much more reliable" comes to mind. So yeah, the ownership experience hasn't quite been all that stellar.

About a day later I got a response from Tesla Service via the app. They switched my mobile service request to an on-site visit at the usual Kato Road facility. I'm sure they'll be glad to see me again. It's as if I keep winning Tesla Service bingo.

$0.00 estimate. Yes, I will hit Approve. My service date is moved back a few weeks and I can live with that. It's not like the MCU completely failed, thankfully. I believe there are some DIY solutions documented by others online with UV lights that I could hack together but I'm not in a patient mood.

No Elon, Sonic the Hedgehog does not make up for this.