October 22, 2023: ChatGPT Helps, Sorta

When there are problems, The Machine will solve them. Eventually.

Of course it had to happen after the warranty expired. Of course. Back in September 2020 I got MCU2 installed. A few months later I ran into the infamous yellow border issue which thankfully was handled via warranty. Now the yellow border has returned with a vengeance.

I'm beyond warranty. Agh!

I sighed, took a deep breath, and pondered what people do in such situations these days. Well obviously we'd just ask ChatGPT, right? I logged into OpenAI and switched over to GPT-4:

I ... guess that helps. It's comforting to know that someone is there to help me through first-world struggles in life. AI, you're a real friend ... a real pal. Where would I be without you, kind friend.

So when are we going to get this AI thing in our cars? It'll probably be much more useful than Sky Force or Emissions Testing.